Tether track and monorail systems can offer many advantages over lifelines such as, no deflection, less system damage in the event of a fall, which in turn allows for quicker back in service time with less replacement parts. Tether tracks only take a vertical hit to the support structure so unlike lifeline systems, they do not take the large end loads to support structure in the event of a fall. Also with the use of a SRL on a track system the fall is arrested so quickly that rescue is much easier and safer and most times the fall victim can self rescue and step back onto the working surface.  Tether track and Monorail systems come in many variations from single track to trussed for longer spans or dual track to allow users to pass by each other while working in the systems coverage area.  There are even parallel tether tracks with aluminum bridges to allow x,y axis movement for 100 percent coverage in the tether track system area.  Another often utilized system for full coverage in a given area is the Column mounted folding Jib arm system which allows the tether track to fold towards or away from the columns via multiple jib arms suspending the track over the desired working area or allowing system storage in a desired position.
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Gorbel Tether track systems come in many configurations and can suit most installations

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