Do Lifelines & Netting Need To Be Replaced After A Fall?

Rest assured, you won’t need an entirely new system after each fall.

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it's never all or nothing

Not everything needs replacing after a fall. The fall arrest netting and lifelines need to be inspected by a competent person in the industry. A fall will not destroy the cable loads or netting by itself. Falls will destroy hangers or intermediate brackets, and the shock absorber. Each piece of your system requires inspection after a fall to once again meet compliance standards. 

Where will Skyline look? After the event, our team will inspect where the fall occurred, the two intermediate brackets to either side, and the shock absorber where it took that end-load out of the cable. Once those are replaced, Skyline can do a full inspection on the rest of the system and recertify for the end user.

Fall arrest netting in place in an industrial workplace, covering a square hole that leads to a yellow ladder down the shaft..

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