How Much Time Does Skyline Need On-Site Before Quoting?

Learn about how on-site visits help craft our quotation process.

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Overlook Nothing

When Skyline comes on-site after our initial contact, we walk that site with the customer. Clients will know their space better than we will — where problem areas are, where fall protection is needed. Skyline is providing the knowledge of how to complete their protection project.

Nothing is too obvious in a Skyline Fall protection risk assessment. We want clients to say “this beam over here is a kind of above our work area, what can you do there?” Or, “our guys are climbing up on top of this to do some service work, how are we going to get them tied off?” More than likely we can come up with one or even multiple options for that customer in that moment, kicking a few ideas around. 

A typical on-site visit gives our team enough information to decide what we’re going to quote the client’s project. Unless the project is highly technical or requires additional engineering or material resources, this quote will land on the client’s desk in two weeks.

A Skyline technician walks along a pipeline harnessed to a lifeline while conducting a fall protection risk assessment.

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