Is Every Anchor, Rail And Davit Arm Custom Built?

Skyline can create any product you need, but we also have a well-stocked inventory of standard parts for most projects.

We have what you need

why timing is everything

From handrails to rooftop anchors, and even your own davit arm system, Skyline fabricates plenty of custom products. We’re always striving to make products that fit our customers’ needs. However, we stock many standard items this industry leaders produced over the years. We stock pre-galvanized, weld-on anchors in 16 and 24-inch lengths, however, those anchors can be cut to fit any project’s timetable.

Other products we stock include: stainless steel wall anchors, a configurable guardrail system with fittings and pipe, a few swing gates for hatch safeties, mezzanine access systems.

The value of having a stock of common standardized products is tremendous. With Skyline, know that we can provide quality products to customers with a strict deadlines like compliance issues or new construction projects.

A custom-built rooftop anchor crafted by Skyline Fall Protection

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