Skyline has an abundance of horizontal lifeline fall protection options for every application. We will provide the best system for your application be that a hands free fall restraint roof top system or a column-mounted hands free system for a crane rail at a steel mill, or an overhead system in an aircraft hangar maintenance bay. Vertical lifelines and rail or vertical track traveler systems for fixed ladders on silo’s, stacks, steel mills, power plants, etc.

Other lifeline applications include inside cooling towers for power plants, shock absorbing horizontal lifeline systems for rooftop unit or roof edge maintenance which can be mounted with many attachment systems such as S5 clamps for standing seam, toggle bolt anchors for build up roofs, concrete wedge or even epoxy set in concrete. These lifeline fall protection systems can incorporate hands free pass through travelers to eliminate the risks of having to unhook and re-hook at intermediate points along the Lifeline systems.

Lifeline Anchors

Steel Mills

Standing Seam Roofs

Hands Free

Crane Rails

Railcar Overhead Lifelines

Overhead HLL

Bus or RV Garage


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