Skyline Fall protection provides custom access solutions for areas that need access with no alternative route or need quicker and safer access means. Examples include:

  • suspended maintenance cable climbers
  • platforms for accessing stacks or boilers
  • specialty custom confined space solutions
    • lightweight aluminum man basket for confined shaft lowering access
    • furnace clean-outs at a steel mill.

Permanent or mobile davit arm overhead fall arrests are also available, as are decent/retrieval access solutions for the plastic injection molding industry. Stamping presses and manhole access davits for water treatment or city BPW also fall under our service capabilities.

These solutions can incorporate multiple fall protection items, such as ladders, self-leveling stairs, overhead horizontal lifeline systems, gangways to access a railcar or tanker truck with guard railing, and overhead tether track systems with self retracting lifelines and trolleys.



Man baskets


Cable Climbers



Suspended maintenance platforms