OSHA is very specific about skylights and other openings such as roof hatch access points, they state that they are to be treated as open holes and guarded as such. Skyline can provide the necessary solutions for your hatch and skylight applications including:  Guard railing systems, hatch hand rail systems, with swing gates and hand grip positions for safe hatch access.  Skylight Mesh, grating or netting systems to stop a worker from falling through the glass.  Hatch retractable grab handles, permanently exterior mounted grab handles, Powered roof hatch opening devices for safer transitions, etc.  Skyline has even installed anchor points with SRL’s over hatch ladders and added non slip grip to existing hatch ladders to get them back in OSHA compliance.
Skyline Fall Protection the Experts in Skylights and Hatch Safety!

Guard Rail Systems

Hatch Grab

Safety Netting

Swing Gates

Steel Mesh Covers

Vertical Ladder Systems

Hatch Extension Poles