Roof Tie-Back ANCHORS

From suspended roof maintenance fall restraint anchorage to rooftop maintenance fall restraint systems, or general industry fall arrest or restraint anchorage, Skyline has the solution for your application. 

Skyline offers consultation with walk-through design, installation and testing on new fall protection anchor points. Skyline fall protection technicians can also provide a service for load testing existing anchor systems to get them back on an OSHA compliant schedule with proper testing and certification documentation and also provide annual visual inspections for any signs of wear or loosening along with documentation to maintain compliance and ensure contractors and employees these Tie-Back anchor systems are safe for use. 

These systems be new or old may contain many types of Tie-Back anchors such as permanently installed fall arrest anchors for suspended maintenance, rigid or shock absorbing fall restraint anchors for roof edge maintenance, any of which can also have horizontal life lines incorporated with them, pigeon hole anchors or vertical rigging sleeves, davit arms, davit sockets, davit bases, and horizontal rigging sleeves or even positioning-only anchors.

Our fall protection anchor points can attach in many forms including column wrap, beam wrap, beam flange, bar joist wrap, bolt through concrete, chemical adhesive, wedge anchor, or welded in place to structural steel. Fall protection anchor points can be hot dip galvanized, stainless steel, zinc coated or even painted or powder coated. The davits and rigging sleeves may even incorporate aluminum construction.


Suspended Maintenance Anchors

Fall Restraint Anchors

Single Point Shock Absorbing Anchors