The Pros and Cons of Fall Arrest Systems

What is a fall arrest system? It can be a fall protection track like this in a warehouse setting. It is a more localized system.

What is a fall arrest system? Simply put, we design them to prevent or reduce injuries when a worker falls from an elevated height. These systems allow users to access the edges of a building, or any elevated working surface over 4 feet, while protecting users from serious injury if a fall were to occur. Fall arrest systems are common in factories, warehouses, rooftops, or any place where fall hazards are clear but cannot be avoided.

Common fall arrest systems designed and installed by Skyline Fall Protection include horizontal track, monorail systems, horizontal lifeline, single point/beam anchors, rail systems, and ladder safety systems.

Fall Protection Tracks 

Previous installments include RV facilities, Sailboat production facilities, train car repair facilities, warehouse locations, common in locations where work is done 4 feet above the ground. These tracks provide a sturdy fall protection solution and come with a trolley to allow users coverage in one direction underneath the track.

Pros: Extensive coverage area, very ridged

Cons: Not fit for all locations.


Can be installed in similar circumstances as horizontal fall protection tracks, this system provides a lower profile solution for protection on elevated surfaces. Requires more fall clearance than horizontal fall protection tracks for the potential sag of the cable in the event of a fall. If a fall from the system occurs the system must be thoroughly inspected and, in most circumstances, replaced.

Pros: Extensive coverage area, Low-profile

Cons: Requires more fall clearance, susceptible to cable stretch with temperature change

Single Point / Beam Anchors

Commonly used in factory settings, this system requires an anchor, harness and a lanyard. These solutions are ideal in areas with limited mounting space or locations where not much coverage is needed.

Pros: good in confined locations

Cons: limited coverage

Ladder Safety Systems

 Depending on customer needs systems can consist of anything from just a simple single point tie-off to more complex pulley systems or vertical lifeline fall protection solutions. Commonly installed on roof access ladders fall protection solutions help during climbing, descending, and dismounting from the ladder.