3D Modeling



Your Fall Protection Experts

Skyline offers many services including fall protection system design and redesign to make new and existing equipment safe and OSHA compliant. We will start with a site visit and fall hazard analysis, then after identifying the areas in need of a fall protection we will propose a system design and quote to provide the best solution.

We can begin to 3D model the components after we receive a P.O. All of our designs are evaluated for strength, functionality, and system compliance. Once a final design is in place we gather materials for fabrication. We have an in-house machine shop and multiple certified welders on staff. Pair that with our close relationship to local shops and we believe we can build almost anything.

We Partner With You

From the office to the field Skyline will work with your company to provide a safe and certified system. Our services include about everything fall protection from estimations to 10 year recertification’s.

For all of your on-site services Skyline has a staff of 11 installation technicians who work all over the country. Our technicians can provide all of the in-field fall protection services needed from evaluations to installations, testing, and system trainings.

After the work has been completed Skyline supplies customers with personalized log books specific to the job. The log books are compiled of the work that has been completed at the job-site and includes a certification of the system if an installation was performed.

Skylight safety fall protection includes roof hatch access points. A crew covers a skylight with proper safety mesh
Skyline Fall Protection