Why Use Skyline Fall Protection

Skyline has the best fall protection standards in the industry. A harnessed crew operates on a building under completion.

Skyline always had pride in our ability to think outside of the box. We come up with solutions that are not cookie-cutter. There are a lot of solutions in the industry that you can buy off the shelf or that you might find locally. But when it really comes to the needs a customer has, these applications don’t fit. If you can’t buy it out of a catalog, we’re going to offer a custom, one-off design that’s going to work for your application. Somebody else may not provide that. They’re going to want to sell you the thing out of the box that might work three quarters of the time. That other 25 percent of the time it’s not go to do what you need it to.

The biggest reason that an end user might not use a fall protection system is because it’s clunky or it’s restrictive. Or it just doesn’t work. You can install a fall protection system all you want, but if it doesn’t fit the application, or it’s not user friendly, they will not use it. It becomes more of a hazard at that point. Our high fall protection standards mean we always strive to achieve 100 percent usability every time you require it.