How Skyline Helps With Testing & Certification

Fall protection system certification is vital when installing a new system. You want your technicians to know the system through and through. A harnessed technician installs a roof anchor.

The journey of designing and implementing a fall protection system can take you from architect to engineer, metal shop fabricator to building owner. But what happens when the building owner doesn’t know his new system isn’t compliant with certain safety standards? More often than not, owners can go several years before somebody brings up the need to see a fall protection system certification, test reports, or annual inspection reports. Something this extravagent shouldn’t be news to a building owner. Not only can noncompliance be costly, it freaks the owner out because that puts all the liability in their lap.

If somebody needs fall protection system certification or testing, it gives us a foot in the door. When we have the time to meet the customer, provide a service for them, we know Skyline will live the back of their head all the time. They’ll remember “these are the guys.” Those are the two major benefits: the opportunity to meet new customers and the opportunity to sell turnkey systems. When we install that product and walk off-site, it’s ready to use. The customer has what they need and shouldn’t about the liability being in their lap.